Day 1

• Introduction to stock market
• Nifty / Sensex Calculation
• Trading Types
• Introduction to Equity market
• Detail study about Derivative market (future/options)
• Study about Commodity market
• Technical Analysis Foundations
• Fundamental Analysis vs Technical Analysis – When and where to use.
• Demand Zone / Supply Zone
• Chart Analysis - Different Types of Charts - End of Day and Intraday - How to choose the right time frame to Trade/Invest
• Price, Volume, Trend, Trend Lines Analysis
• Candlestick Analysis - 15+ Candlesticks patterns, analysis and Trading System
• 15 Power Concepts of Candlesticks Analysis
• Protective Stops - Where to setup and use them.

Day 2

• Western Classical Patterns – Head and Shoulders, Double/Triple Tops and Bottoms, Flags, Pennants, Triangles etc….
• Moving Averages & different types of Moving Averages such as EMA, SMA, WMA
• Technical Indicators such as MACD, ADX, RSI, Stochastic, CCI,Bollinger Bands, Super trend and understanding the trade setups on them
• Divergences – Hidden and Classical Technical Signals - how to understand / use them Protective Stops, Trailing Buy Stops/ Sell Stops
• Multi timeframe Analysis
• Risk/money management
• Position Sizing
• Trading Discipline/Rules
• what it takes to be a successful Professional Trader
• What makes Trading different from Gambling
• Applying Technical Analysis using Software
• Evaluation Test

Day 3

Live Market Trading

Full Professional Course

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